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ExaSheds Presentations at AGU 2020

  • Steefel et al. H103-05 ExaSheds: Advancing Watershed System Science using Machine Learning and Data-Intensive Simulation
  • Painter et al. H103-06 Combining Data-Driven Machine Learning and Process-Based Models for Streamflow Simulation: Preliminary Results from the ExaSheds project
  • Lu et al. H166-0001 Streamflow Predictions in Data-Scarce Basins using Bayesian and Physics-Informed Machine Learning Models
  • Mital et al. H174-06 Generating High-Resolution Estimates of Precipitation at the Watershed Scale using Machine Learning
  • Cromwell et al. H049-07 Subsurface Permeability Estimation using Deep Neural Networks
  • Coon et al. H196-0001 Hyperresolution Hydrology on Full River Basins: Addressing Challenges in Machine Architectures and Data Integration
  • Appling et al. H224-02 Process-Guided Deep Learning for Water Temperature Prediction